“We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.”

― John Lubbock, The Pleasures of Life

Anandapaath (Joyful Learning) is all about the art and heart of stories.

For the children who come to Anando, books are linked firmly with the world of school and academia. Reading for fun is unimaginable! And so was born Anandapaath, Anando’s versatile library, which introduces children to a whole new world…a world where fantasy reigns, where stories abound and beautiful pictures take you to places far away.

Each week the children explore a wide variety of books in English, Bengali and Hindi and borrow they ones they want to spend time over. They participate in Tale Blazers, a story-telling program which introduces these young readers to the worlds of stories and allows them to interact with the characters which inhabit those spheres through drama and role playing. Sometimes the children create their own stories to share with the others or transform into colourful handmade books.

And that’s not all….Anandapath also houses a varied collection of toys and games like jigsaw puzzles, mechano, Lego, and Battleships that allow the children to exercise their mental and creative skills and play with each other in a conducive manner.

Anandapath is supported by Arup and Swati Ghosh, who helped set up this venture in memory of Swati’s parents Meenakshi and In 2014, an extension of the library was created at Sikhsha Sadan School in Jadavpur, Kolkata.