We strongly believe that every child has the right to a happy and secure childhood.

In disadvantaged families economic compulsions ensure that both parents are away at work through the day. In these circumstances, the parents constantly worry about the safety of their children in their absence while the children are deprived of stimulation and care and are often attracted to life on the streets for want of better options.

At Anando we seek to address the overall development of the children with special emphasis on the need for security and stimulation. We have consciously chosen a ‘deep’ rather than a ‘broad’ engagement with the children. Rather than rapidly growing our projects, we have chosen to work with the same group in the same neighbourhood over an extended period of time. The trust given to us has been heartening, allowing us to freely experiment with new ideas and programmes.

Our faith in our mission is re-iterated when we see the children who have grown up through our programmes show increased self-confidence, more motivation to engage with the local community and greater interest in ideas and situations beyond their doorstep.