Set up in 2006 Anando is a registered charitable trust working with disadvantage children in Kolkata, West Bengal.

We were born out of a concern for the security needs of under-privileged children and a conviction that it needed to be addressed. Since then, we have been steadily growing and expanding the scope of our work to include education, development and recreation as well.

The children we work with come from low-income families in the Jadavpur area in Kolkata. Aged between 5 and 18, they come to Anando to participate in a host of programmes. Year-round interaction with the same group of children and a sustained connection to the local community has allowed us to respond positively to their ongoing needs for play, learning and self-development.

By widening their horizons and their experiences, we offer the children a chance to grow beyond their obvious socio-economic limitations. New ideas and encounters are offered without goals or targets to be achieved and new experiences are encouraged without fear of failure and performance anxiety.

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