One of Anando’s first students Saraswati is a young teenager now.

The second of three children, Saraswati lives in a slum with her family who struggle to make ends meet.

In the early days, Saraswati was an unsure little girl. With unkempt hair and appearance, she dressed in undersized clothes and would find it difficult to sit still …and the less she was able to do, the more she would giggle!

But Saraswati loved art and craft. Starting with simple colouring and pasting, she soon blossomed into an imaginative and creative youngster. A bit of guidance with her appearance and she started taking care to comb …and style…her hair and wear clean clothes.

Today Saraswati is a beautiful young lady with a distinct creative streak. She is fashionable and careful with her appearance and overall, a happy and confident young child…a fact reflected in every sphere of her life.


The youngest of five children, Sanjib Mondal is the son of a cycle- rickshaw driver and a domestic help.

One of the first students of Anando’s School Support Programme, Sanjib was quick on the uptake and eager to learn. He attended a local government-aided school, chosen more for its low fees than its academic standards.

When Anando set up the Manjushree and Ajoy Sankar Bhattacharya Scholarship Fund in 2007 Sanjib joined Nivananda Vidyalaya so that he could study at a better facility.

Sanjib’s new school was vastly different. Teaching methods, peer groups, extracurricular activities….everything was new! But Sanjib persevered. With hard work and support from his teachers, he was soon performing at par.

Today, Sanjib is in Class 11. He passed his secondary board examinations with commendable marks. Sanjib was the first student that Anando sent out to intern. He spent the summer learning from an artist and honing his own considerable talent. A confident student,Sanjib continues to thirst for knowledge. His approach to academics has changed and he now looks upon school as his window to the world!